Co-working space – the answers to your most frequent questions…

You may be going through the pros and cons of a Co-working space to see if it is going to be able to provide you with the right working environment whilst expanding your workspace needs. I promise, they are not as daunting as you think. It enables you to manage your flexible working arrangements, perhaps you travel a lot, or have regular meetings and you need the dedicated space to base yourself in. It also offers a hub for remote teams that are part of larger organisations and foundations for start-ups & solopreneurs that want to branch out into the wider world of business and become part of a community. A positive of being part of a serviced office space is that the space will have an on-site manager, who are the anchor of the community (& in this case, the ever growing Blake House community!) so you can sit back, (or work hard!) and let us take the reigns in making sure the workspace caters for your needs and more importantly, be your hub away from home!

You are bound to be curious as to whether a shared workspace can provide you with the privacy and the quiet time you require whilst working. Frequently asked questions include:

Can I take phone calls / zoom meetings? Yes, the sound proof boards assist in absorbing sounds as well as the consideration of others keeping voices low & being aware of who is around.

Is there access to a breakout space if I need occasional privacy? Yes, the meeting room is next door and you can book this out anytime for as little as 15mins, up to 8 hours. We understand some things need to be confidential, so the private spaces are easily accessible and quick to book on our online calendar system.

Can I leave my equipment on my desk when I am not there? Yes, if you permanently rent a desk in our coworking space, the desk belongs to you & you are welcome to set it up with whatever you need. The room is securely locked outside of management hours. Hot-desking is available on a day – day basis if we have any desks free.

Is the shared WIFI decent? The wifi is a shared contested service, giving you your own account within the service. Think of it as like a ‘slice of the bandwidth’ and is included in the monthly price. If you require more, there are private account options you can choose available from £20 per month.

I have a lot of early/late meetings due to overseas clients, can I access the office anytime? As a tenant, you have 24/7 access. Hot-desking is available between 9-5 Monday to Friday.

There are huge benefits of working in a shared workspace and we have seen it first hand where businesses join forces and collaborate on new projects, others find a new co-worker to lunch with (a boost in your mental wellbeing for sure!) & even better, an increase in productivity. If you have a growing business in need of some dedicated workspace and you are wanting to boost your networking opportunities, it is a great cost-effective option to surround yourself in a like-minded community and much cheaper than going to and fro on trains to the head office! You can stay up to date with the latest news and upcoming events here to see what you would like to be part of!

We invite you to come and see Blake House and find out if a co-working space is for you. Build your business with us and even better, boost your business presence in the heart of York. Click the link here to check out our availability now!