Co-working in York…A city centre gem!

‘We used to have a lovely little office in a fine Georgian building right in the heart of York. Sadly, Covid brought about the end of our time there and, like so many others, we were scattered to our homes. As the months and years went by we got fed up with our homes doubling as our office and the insularity of spending so much time on our own. 

We were already acquainted with Blake House as virtual tenants, knowing it offers a mix of private offices and co-working spaces. So, driven to the brink by lonely days at the water cooler (aka my fridge!), I asked whether there might be any desks free at Blake House. There were and we were delighted to move in.

While it might have felt initially like a first day at school, my colleague and I quickly settled in and enjoyed the company of others. Blake House has a focused yet relaxed atmosphere, making it a pleasure to step out of the house and into a dedicated workspace again. Having access to the meeting room for team members or visitors is a great bonus.

This experience was transformative for us, allowing our small organisation to rediscover the advantages of having an office, something we have now been able to take further by renting one of the offices at Blake House in Bootham – another fine Georgian building.

We’re thrilled to be part of the Blake House ‘family’ and highly recommend their co-working space on Blake Street to anyone seeking a desk or two in a well-managed and affordable location.’

Jonathan –

If you are interested in viewing our Co-working office, please get in touch & see if our Co-working hub is for you ★