Open up your opportunities here at Blake House!

Everybody starts somewhere. Not everyone has the same journey when navigating a new startup business and this testimonial is an example of just one businesses’ growth here at Blake House. Tom at Webhummel joined Blake House mid 2020 and has gone from a deskspace in the coworking room to recently taking a private office with another business owner he met here at Blake House. Tom helps explain the positives of opening up your own opportunities by taking advantage of the offerings within the community here.

  • You have just joined and would like some tips on how to network when lacking that confidence or that go-getter attitude…

It’s as easy as saying “Hello, I’m (Name)” when you’re waiting for the kettle to boil. Asking what the other tenants do… you will be surprised how many people are currently looking for your service / something similar or know someone who is. Be confident and ask questions – don’t treat it as networking and just get to know people – build a relationship and they’ll want to refer to you. You will probably want to refer them too!

  • What can project collaborations do for your business?

You can’t be an expert at everything so by finding people that you trust to complement your offering can only benefit your business and the service you offer.

  • What did Coworking at Blake House do for you and your business?

After being confined to my home during COVID, as soon as I could, I got a desk at BH. It enabled me to separate work and improve my overall mental wellbeing by getting out of the house and talking to people face-to-face. I didn’t have a lot of work at the time so the social/mental side of it was the biggest plus. As restrictions eased, more people got back to the office and I regularly chatted with tenants, virtual tenants and visitors when the opportunity arose and have found clients by “networking without knowing about it”! The next big thing for me was when BH organised Louise Saw to come host a meeting about upcoming opportunities/grants for business growth and after I got onboard, the business it generated really pushed WebHummel forward. I met more tenants from other sites (many are now clients) and it allowed me to employ the first staff member (now two). On a side-note, clients who visit are always very complementary of BH and impressed by the space. It’s a great space to welcome guests into.

  • A recent collaboration allowed you to take that next step and move from a deskspace to sharing a private office with another business owner you met at Blake house. What will this mean for business going forward?

I’ve outgrown the co-working office and this offers a more private setting for calls. I can also welcome remote staff into the office with a place to work & I’ve got the opportunity to employ locally and offer a more professional environment to meet clients.

Skill swaps, cross-promotions and collaborations can really excel your business growth and we offer the perfect space for you to do so. We welcome all business owners, entrepreneurs and remote employees to join us and utilise the offerings we put on the table including providing a workspace for your business to take off from. Enquire with us today!