Terms & Conditions of Business

1.       Payment for the chosen service can only be made through Direct Debit, and will be collected on the first of the month via the Direct Debit Mandate. Cancellation of the Direct Debit agreement will terminate your services.  A Direct Debit collection failure will result in subsequent attempts charged at £7.50 per attempt. 

2.       When terminating the service, you agree to at least one month’s written notice prior to the next direct debit. If payments have been missed or the Direct Debit has failed, the notice period starts once all payments are up to date. On the cessation date, our address is to be removed from all literature and internet sites. Failure to do so will result in the existing service continuing and a monthly fee being collected, until such time as this is complied with.

3.       If you change the nature of your business or business name, Blake House must be informed.

4.       Limited companies must not use the address as a registered office address unless you have purchased our bolt on. Please ask for details.

            5.       The “set up fee” is to undertake 3rd party AML checks and therefore cannot be refunded should you not pass, or decide not to join.

6.       Blake House shall accept post on your behalf but cannot accept liability or expense that may arise.

7.       On receipt of ‘signed for’ parcels and letters, we will email you to inform you. These letters will then be dealt with as normal post.

8.       Parcels that Blake House have accepted must be collected within 1 week (7 days) of them being signed for. Any uncollected parcels will be charged at a rate of £1 per day after the initial 7 days.

9.       Blake House will only accept parcels on your behalf that are small and light enough to be carried upstairs to our office easily by one person. We are unable to accept any parcels that need to be stored in the hallway prior to collection.

10.   The post forwarding service is for letters only. Parcels or any item which cannot be put in a large envelope must be collected.

11.   You are fully responsible for your guests/visitors when using the meeting room. You must give them the arrival instructions and ask them to notify you of their arrival via the meeting room monitor.

12.   After cancellation of this service any post received will be marked return to sender.

13.   Cancelled meeting room bookings will be charged for at 50% of the total cost, unless we have had at least 48 hours’ notice of the cancellation.

14.   Signing the Direct Debit Mandate is acceptance of these terms and conditions of service.

15.   Blake House reserves the right to terminate your services, or amend the terms of service at its own discretion.