What is a virtual address and why should I use one?

When you start any business, whether it’s a sole trader, partnership or limited business, you’ll need to decide what address to use for HMRC, suppliers and clients. If you don’t have an office, you may assume that using your home address is your only option, but this isn’t the case. A virtual address or virtual office, as it’s sometime called, can be used by business owners as their primary business address. It makes sure your home address is kept private and also gives a more professional image to your clients.

Here are some of the main reasons you might want to use a virtual office address, rather than your home address for your business…

• You keep your home address private.

• It gives a more professional image.

• If your virtual address is a City Centre location, you can use this on Google Maps, improving your search results.

• You can target a location, or multiple locations which you may not live in.

• You can often use facilities at your virtual address. For example, at Blake House, we offer our virtual tenants half price meeting room spaces, social media mentions and invite our virtual tenants to come along to social gathering where they can meet other small business owners.

• You can set it up really quickly and use your new address straight away.

• As your business grows, you can move to coworking, then office space without changing address.

To find out more about Blake House’s Virtual Address service, or to sign up, take a look here.